Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Iowa was cool, in that, they had tumbleweeds. And tumbleweeds are pretty cool.

When I rested for the night, it was cold, and I had neighbors. I don't like neighbors. It led to terrible dreams. But I did hear a coyote pack at night, and that is always awesome. (unless you own cattle).

Flat, flat roads ahead of me, and, oh what's this? A tree farm!


The great expanse of this tree farm had me stunned...

That's it for Iowa. Except for this sign, which really, really upset me:

On closer inspection...

Which is only really upsetting when water rations are running low - or freezing - both of which I'd been experiencing over the last few days.

Hell, at least Wyoming was in view, and (don't tell the Parks Department), I stole a tumbleweed. It may come in handy one day...